Accreditation & Consultancy

Getting accredited by BEB

Accreditation is a process by which experts in a particular field determine common standards and regulate according to those standards. Our accreditation is a type of quality support process under which services and operations of educational institutions or curricula are evaluated by BEB to determine if the facilities and their systems meet with the relevant and appropriate accreditation criteria.

If standards are met, accredited status is awarded by BEB. There are two types of BEB inspections - online and onsite. Before these stages, there is a pre-inspection which kicks off the whole process.

Accreditation Procedure

All BEB accredited institutions hold an accreditation certificate which ensures that they meet globally recognised educational standards.

BEB Accreditation has two stages. In the first stage, institutions are asked to complete a pre-inspection form, and secondly, there will be an onsite inspection visit to the institution. Both steps are institution friendly, transparent and give detailed information about the related body concerning its present and future educational activities and implementations.

The goals of the accreditation procedure include the following:

Benefits of Accreditation

An educational institution, its administrative and teaching staff, and its students benefit directly from involvement in a comprehensive assessment of how effectively the programme or institution achieves its desired objectives.

By evaluating the quality of its curriculum (or programme) and services concerning our standards, which have been drafted and approved by professionals in the field, the curriculum or institution can gauge its effectiveness against benchmarks set by profession. Through the ongoing biannual reporting and reaccreditation process, curriculum/courses and institutions continue their commitment to high quality.

If you need further information please contact us, we will send you the pre-inspection form.