BEB English Exams

Grammar does not speak®

Assessment is one of the cornerstones of the British English Board. There are five categories of BEB Exams; BEB Kids, BEB Juniors, BEB Tweens, BEB Teens and BEB Adults. Grammar does not speak® is a registered motto of BEB, and it reflects the main idea behind our assessment criteria. However, we also assess necessary grammar skills, vocabulary related to visual perception and information, reading, listening and writing.

Spoken production and spoken interaction skills are assessed one-to-one by BEB examiners in person either onsite or online.

How do we do the BEB Exams?

BEB Examinations are based on not only the rationale of the communicative language assessment, but also the basic premises of developmental and cognitive psychology. Thus, each BEB Examination has two distinct characteristics; language proficiency level depicted by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and developmental as well as cognitive facets of targeted test takers. From this point of view, Kids Examination is designed for the age group 5-7 and it encompasses language competences prescribed for Pre-A1 level. Juniors Examination is for a wider age group, 7 to 11, and is based on language competences up to A1+. Tweens Examination is for adolescents aged between (11-14) measuring up to A2+ level of proficiency. BEB Teens is designed for the age group 14-17 and it encompasses language competences prescribed up to B1+.

There are two methods of BEB Exams: Onsite and Online. Spoken and written skills are assessed by BEB examiners in both methods.

Onsite BEB Exams: Onsite exams last in one or two weeks depending the number of students. Native speaker BEB Examiners visit each classroom and chat with students on the first day; it becomes a festive English week rather than a stressful exam week and they become more familiar with the examiners which helps decreasing the stress level and increasing the motivation for the exam. Spoken and written skills are assessed one-to-one in exam rooms at the pre-arranged time slots. The reading and listening modules are done computer or paper based upon request.

Online BEB Exams: Online BEB Exams are done by British English Board's online education platform BEBBING. An informative live session is arranged before the exams, and BEB Examiners meet with the students in age-appropriate groups and introduce themselves. Spoken and written skills are assessed one-to-one online sessions at the pre-arranged time slots. The reading and listening modules are also done online for all students through BEB's secure servers at a scheduled time.

BEB Exams Detailed Analysis Reports

BEB International English exams provide an objective assessment and evaluation in the light of the communicative English competencies defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. These competency levels focus on how students can use English grammar rules and vocabulary within their reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, and how they can diversify the language as a means of communication, rather than measuring which grammar rules and word lists the student memorised.

In this way, you can monitor how the student can communicate in English, with an objective and internationally valid exam. You can also observe student's progress in the light of our detailed analysis reports.

Validity and Certification

BEB International English exams provide you a recognized and concrete certificate of English proficiency, valid in a wide geography, especially in the European Union countries and the UK. In other words, we don't just send you an exam result sheet, we also provide a developmental assessment report that you can add to your child's education portfolio with our individual analysis report, where we evaluate all of our students' communicative skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking).

During the admission process to education systems in developed countries, these reporting systems have gained importance especially with the "Language Portfolio" application implemented by the Council of Europe. In this sense, BEB exams are not just proficiency exams that measure results; rather it undertakes the function of a process exam , which provides objective evaluations by analyzing children's developmental processes.

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